MPM Advocacia

Crisis management specialist
 With over 20 years of existence and representatives in key states (ES, SP, PR, SC, RS, BA, AC and RO) and the Federal District, MPM Advocacia is formed by a team of qualified lawyers, experienced and specialized, all with master's and doctorate in international institutions, with extensive operations in crisis management, whether corporate or personal, and working decisively to the proper protection of the interests of its clients offering the best solution within the legal framework.
Crisis management

This area is a major focus of MPM Advocacia. The office has, over the past few years, advising domestic and foreign customers to solve crises in your business or in your personal life, achieving excellent results. Any business is may undergo abnormal situations and higher tension or lower complexity and anyone can also face a crisis scenario, whether marital or financial. Therefore, the crisis management is an activity that aims at minimizing, reducing or eliminating if possible impacts caused by these adversities and thus make the company or person has the lowest financial and reputational injury possible.
Operation Areas

MPM Advocacia is able to intercede in the interests of their customers in the most varied themes involving the Civil law, Corporate/Commercial, Administrative Law, Consumer Law, Information Technology Law, Labor And Employment Law, Criminal Law/Criminal, Tax Law/Taxation, both within as extra judicial court.
Civil law

Civil Law is the largest area of Brazilian law and encompasses several specializations: Contract law, Family Law, Law of things, Civil liability etc. We represent individual and private interests in procedures relating to property and possession of goods or family issues such as divorce, adoption and succession.
Business Law

We support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial companies before their commercial interests, such as competition, trademarks and patents and bankruptcy and business recovery. We operate also in drafting contracts and articles of association. In large shopping centers, this expert has been acting as an agent of Compliance in private companies, deploying policies for preventing and combating corruption.
Consumer’s Rights

The professional’s basic legislation is the consumer defense code. We defend the interests of the consumer applying the rules that grant citizens rights vis-à-vis suppliers of goods and services, but not only consumers. The consumer law attorneys also propose the protection of suppliers.
Information Technology Law

The lawyer specializing in Information Technology Law must analyze the legal issues related to the use of computers and the relations between users, agents and suppliers, such as Internet service providers, software companies, banks and stores.
Administrative law

This is the most exploited area by city, state and federal prosecutors. The Administrative Law plays in relationships involving people and public bodies and society.
Labor and Security Law

We represent our clients in labor and social security issues, one of the busiest areas in Brazil currently. We serve employers and employees, in addition to trade union issues. In the social security area, we represent the interests of insured persons in search of social security rights such as pensions and other social security benefits (death benefits, illness, etc). Corporations also hire us for legal advice in order to correct decisions taken.
Criminal law

The criminal lawyer must prepare and present the defense or prosecution in actions relating to crimes or misdemeanors against individuals or legal entities. We also have specialist lawyers able to act in this area.
Tax Law

One of our specialties with great results, in the tax area encompasses everyday advice or tax consultancy, stock planning, defense of clients in tax proceedings, contentious or not, due diligences and proposals for revision of the legislation, administrative or judicial nature, for all national taxes, direct or indirect, including interpretation and application of international treaties concluded by Brazil to avoid double taxation of income and issuing legal opinions. Our mission in this area is to take care of principles and norms relating to the collection of taxes and charges, tax liabilities and responsibilities of regulators, defending the taxpayers (whether legal or physical person) of any mistakes in the collection of taxes by the collecting organization.